Policy on Health Care

Health Care

Central Valley residents deserve access to quality healthcare. Emilio is committed to fighting any attempt to repeal or de-fund Obama’s health care improvements. Healthcare for Valley residents is one of Emilio’s top priorities.

Policy on Jobs


We deserve incomes that enable us to raise our families with dignity. Our district faces a 15% unemployment rate. Emilio will work hard to bring and keep well-paying jobs to our communities. This is key to strengthening our communities.

Policy on Education


Less than 60% of our kids graduate from high school. Republicans have cut funding for public education, including funding for Head Start and job training. This is a failure that has hurt our ability to compete for good jobs and is taking opportunities away from our children’s future.

Policy on Water


Providing consistent and reliable access to water for our communities is important to preserving jobs and securing long-term success. Emilio will fight for more water and drought management solutions to reduce the impact of future water shortages.

Policy on Immigration


Comprehensive immigration reform is long past due. Emilio will be a strong advocate for reform that provides a path to citizenship for law-abiding residents, streamlines the visa system to decrease backlogs and reunite families, and secures our borders.

Policy on Clean Air

Clean Air

Our children should be able to breathe clean air and grow up in a healthy environment. The Central Valley air quality is amongst the poorest in the entire nation. Emilio will fight to protect our environment and work towards improving our air quality.